GREEN MAGIC HOMES PRODUCTIVE S.L. Is a company legally constituted in Spain, with commercial operations in USA and 3 production plants located in USA, Spain and Mexico.

GREEN MAGIC HOMES is today a company with worldwide presence with distributors in more than 50 countries worldwide.

We are manufacturers and owners of the Invention Patent for the construction of homes and modular spaces covered with natural soil and gardens, using latest generation components prefabricated in fiber reinforced composites.

GREEN MAGIC HOMES offers a certified technology, with Structural Engineering calculations developed in USA, Europe and South America, which meets all international standards to be approved and built in any country in the world.

Here are some numbers

  • 7 Days to assemble
  • 15 Days for production
  • 50 Countries
  • 90 Network of Distributors

GREEN MAGIC HOMES is a dream come true that can now be offered to the whole world. It is a higher quality lifestyle in direct contact with Nature.

Gustavo Santander, Architect Founder and CEO

Our Team of Professionals

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