GMH designs and manufactures biophilic construction systems. Our core technologies are based on eight patents of invention that use advanced composites, innovative technologies and scalable manufacturing. Our products are currently sold in by over 40 distributors in 29 countries.

GMH’s research and development focuses on innovation. Currently, R&D projects include technology for the US Air Force and social housing for the US National Science Foundation.



Patented technologies for a better world

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Gustavo Santander
Gustavo SantanderCEO – President
Carlos Taminez
Carlos TaminezCOO - Business Intelligence
Kurt Blake
Kurt BlakeDirector of Production
Bruce Probst
Bruce ProbstStrategist
James Beagle
James BeagleCounsel – Legal Department
Jodie Slack
Jodie SlackDirector of Sales
Alex Greig
Alex GreigDirector Australia and NZ
Mariany Barboza
Mariany BarbozaBusiness Development Mgr.
Julian Mejia
Julian MejiaSales Representative
Maria del Mar Pinto
Maria del Mar PintoLogistics Assistant
Tatiana Parra
Tatiana ParraEngineer for the Underground Bunkers
Andres Robayo
Andres RobayoEngineer for the Agro-Capsules
Laura Mancera
Laura ManceraIndustrial Designer for mass food production
Marcela Gallo
Marcela GalloArchitect for the Agro-Towers
Catalina Ardila
Catalina ArdilaArchitect for the EFB System
Juana Arbelaez
Juana ArbelaezArchitect for the GMH Technologies
Maria Fernanda Forero
Maria Fernanda ForeroArchitect for the Linkle Technology
Milena Sanchez
Milena SanchezArchitect for the Capsules Technology
Andrea Ascencio
Andrea AscencioArchitect - Visualization Specialist
Shirley Buitrago
Shirley BuitragoWeb Developer
Juliana Franchino
Juliana FranchinoGraphic Designer
Anderson Smith
Anderson SmithTechnical Designer
Yedith Martínez
Yedith MartínezE-Learning Specialist
Sergio Abraham
Sergio AbrahamBusiness Strategist for GMH Holdings
Martin Lora
Martin LoraDesigner for We Are The World Foundation