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Alexander Greig

Expert in Green Solutions - New Zealand

Alexander Greig is a registered NZ Architect bringing 26 years of pioneering eco-building research to Green Magic Homes network. His eco-architectural journey starting in Canada, has evolved into helping pioneer a pathway toward a more sustainable, regenerative architecture, through his architecture practice, NZ company GreenHAUS Architects and as co-chairman of the New Zealand branch of the International Building Biology and Ecology Institute. He’s designed hundreds of wonderful, happier and healthier homes and communities over his career and has lectured at many Schools of Architecture and teaches eco architecture workshops across New Zealand and more recently in India.

As an advocate of the idea “Architecture without Architects”, Alexander Greig finds that his clients can easily enjoy designing their own Green Magic home, literally creating their own architecture with the simple modular design solutions GMH offers. Many of his designs have included earth covered homes, which most never built due to prohibitive costs, until now! For Alex, the Green Magic Home system finally brings an easy to build, healthy and economic earth covered home solution for everyone to enjoy.

When he’s not designing and teaching, you can usually find him in the ocean – scuba and freediving – or on the beach with his family.