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Kurt Blake

Expert in Composites - Partner - Mexico

In the year of 1987 Kurt Blake entered for the first time in the world of polymer compounds, his first formation was in the Island of the Father Texas, in the factory of tables of Wind Surf TROPIX, where he learned the technique and was the first Mexican In manufacturing surfboards that were the spearhead of an entire successful career in the production and design of Fibre Reinforced composites. In 1988 he opened his first company called – Blake Industrial – where he ventured into the manufacture of garden furniture and later in industrial tanks for acids and wastewater treatment plants. Between 1988 and 1995 he was founding partner of ANIPLAR National Association of Reinforced Plastics industry. Kurt take several courses with the FFA and Composites World. In 1995 he opened Blake Corporation S.A. de C.V. in the city of Cancún Mexico and entered the manufacture of products for hotel and residential, as well as wooden beams for structures and decoration reaching his greatest success. Later he became strategic partner and Manufacturer of Green Magic Homes Productive SL For the world market.