Our company has partnered with MFDM building group and is now present in the gulf peninsula.

Our crew flew around the world to Doha Qatar, for an onsite training course that lasted a couple of days and concluded with the certification of our new GMH certified builders.

The Team built a custom modified Murano model, a design that has large rooms, spacious environments and wide windows that allow wonderful views and lots of natural lighting.

All our units are water and corrosion resistant and is also energy efficient, in a zone predominantly arid with hot temperatures, we have found means through technology to provide people the possibility to live in a house that promotes sustainable living. The Green Magic Homes projects will turn Qatar green, “We believe in making life easier through modern yet nature themed homes that take lifestyle into a whole new paradise surrounded with natural environment,” said MDFM Managing Director & Co-Founder Kushal Kumar.

“The time is now to live and embrace nature and in the coming months people will see some of the fantastic homes in Qatar built by Green Magic Homes”