Our revolutionary new green building system has received an overwhelming response from people all around the globe who love our structures and require the skilled professionals who can ensure a quality build.

Certified Builder Requirements

If you are a builder or construction company who thinks out-or-the-box and wants to be on the cutting edge of green building technology, we invite you to submit an application.

We are seeking alliances with qualified builders want to create beautiful, innovative and highly efficient structures that use some of the most advanced technologies in the industry. You and your team will need to provide the system construction and installation services to make our clients’ green home dreams into a reality.


  • Applicant’s company must have a provable building experience, good market reputation, and solid financial standing.
  • Must have the ability to provide a significant part of services required to finalize projects in -house. This construction system is very integrated and all steps need to be carefully coordinated.
  • Company must have the ability to get local building department approvals for the GMH construction system and to apply for permits on client’s behalf.
  • If approved the Certified Builder will need to set up a show home and have it completed within 6 months of signing the agreement. At the time of completion the GMH technology must have full approval by the local municipality and the unit must have occupancy permits.
  • During the assembly of the show home the company’s building team will need to be fully trained on the GMH system.
  • Company representatives are REQUIRED to attend an annual training conference hosted by GMH to maintain the builder certification.
Download GMH Certified Builder Requirements Brochure

If your company fulfills these requirements click on the button on the right to fill out the questionnaire and submit an application.