Green Magic Homes is a patented and revolutionary construction system for Earth-Sheltered Homes made with cutting-edge polymeric compounds and aero-space technology which offers the ability to live integrated in nature, with total comfort and high energy savings at very affordable prices.

Our “elevational” bermed design layouts consist of an exposed elevation or face of the house orientated for passive solar gains, allowing the sun to light and heat the interior while soil covers the other sides and roof to protect and insulate the unit. The floor plans are arranged to allow common areas and bedrooms to share heat and light.

The inside of the house is constructed to take advantage of the solar gain and alternative energy efficiency, along with providing the convenience of traditional construction.

The earth surrounding the house provides excellent soundproofing, protects against the impact of extreme outdoor temperatures, requires less outside maintenance, blends into the landscape more harmoniously than a conventional home, and offers exceptional protection against high winds, hailstorms, and natural disasters.

GMH Construction Costs

There are 2 basic costs that affect your investment. The percentages can vary substantially depending on your country, the cost of labor, transportation and the cost of materials.


GMH Technology


Building & Finishes


Green Magic Homes provides the Structural Fiber Reinforced Polymer Component and the fastening systems and adhesives that make up the units. We also provide a complete set of floor plans of pre-planned or customized designs, with all the details of the technology, structural calculation reports, finite element models, foundation designs, and mechanicals (hydraulic, electrical and water sewing floor plans).

Then GMH certified builders across the world turn our structures into beautiful green homes, eco-hotels, wellness centers, growing structures and many other types of projects.


  • Manufactured with high-strength FRP.
  • Ample spaces with 11 ft / 3.36M ceilings.
  • High durability (50+ years).
  • Stable internal temperatures.
  • Between 50% – 70% less energy demand than conventional units.


These are the steps that take place in the construction of a project with Green Magic Homes technology.


    You can choose one of our pre-designed models or if you wish we can design a custom project tailored to your needs. If you want us to design your project, our Architecture and Engineering department teams are available to develop the project of your dreams.


    Green Magic Homes will provide the construction plans for license approval. We also provide the engineering documents, fire resistance testing, structural testing, and all the other documentation needed to procure local permits. Once the documentation is approved you can proceed with the construction of the unit. This is also the time to define the final look of the unit since the a growth contract must be established with a local grower so that the vegetation cover is ready once the project is completed.


    First the foundation area is excavated to the desired depth. The footings are then poured, while the area under the slab and around the footings is filled with gravel for drainage purposes. Plumbing lines are roughed in as well as any drains for sump pumps. Next any applicable insulation and a vapor barrier is placed over the gravel. Then the foundation is poured.


    The panels are adhered and fastened together then anchored to the slab until the unit is assembled. A professional crew of 3 can assemble around 70 meters per day depending on the complexity of the layout.


    Once the foundation is set, a perimeter excavation must be made around the slab to construct a drainage system that ensures evacuation of rainwater from around the structure.


    Once the foundation is completed, all wiring and electrical systems are installed into the shell along with all the systems for the ductless HVAC units.


    First, all the perforations, joints and all points are carefully sealed, so that a perfect and lasting insulation is achieved. Then flanges of the entire structure is waterproofed to guarantee an optimal and long-lasting result. All access points including electrical boxes, HVAC entry points, VRF ducts, etc. are also waterproofed.


    Once the structure is sealed, insulation is applied to the back of the structure. The type and thickness of the insulation varies according to the local climate and we use different combinations to attain the desired R Value. Our technology is adaptable to all climates, from the extreme heat of the desert and tropical climates to perpetual snow and extreme cold conditions.


    Our patented laser-cut system that frames the bermed slope is assembled around the unit. Then the cells are filled with cellular concrete or a sand-cement mix – whichever is best suited for the project.


    Once the assembly of the structure has been completed, the framing and buildout of the interior can take place. At the same time, the internal joints between the FRP panels are filled and finished to give the shell interior a seamless look. Once the interior layout is completed the shell and internal walls can be primed for painting. At the same time windows and doors are installed, and fixtures are set. Next, the electrician installs switches, receptacles, light fixtures, and electrical appliances, such as the oven and range. The HVAC systems are also wired and installed.


    As the interior is finished, the exterior slope is created with a mortar core using our proprietary system. The mortar is covered by top soil and some form of soil retention and an erosion control system. The formulations vary depending on the location, type of soil, vegetation, etc. There are situations were a drip irrigation system is also installed. Once the slopes are set, the vegetation can be planted so that the final result, once covered with grass and decorative gardens, is absolutely impeccable and you have as a result a beautiful green home.


    The final interior finishing stage includes doors, moldings, cabinets, countertops, and shelves are installed at this time. This includes kitchen cabinets, bath cabinets, bathroom sink bases and medicine cabinets, all other built-in cabinets such as bookcases, fixtures and internal trims. The house is now ready for decoration that will give the final touch of beauty that emphasizes the magic that our green technology offers.


    After the unit is complete, all final inspections from the county or city for building, electrical, mechanical, and plumbing take place. Once the unit is in full compliance and has been approved, the municipality will issue an occupancy permit and the home is now ready to move into.

    Finally you will have a Green Magic Home full with bright vaulted spaces, lush green gardens, and natural beauty.

Energy Efficient

  • Our high performance construction system complies natively with Passive House Standards – a set of high energy efficiency methods and practices that reduce a building’s ecological footprint.

  • On hot summer days the units are cooler than conventional buildings due to its high thermal insulation that keeps the heat out. On warm days the heat stays inside and the maintains the temperature warm and comfortable.

Instant Buttress

  • Our patented technology slope system assembles on-site around the unit to create the retention berm.

  • Once deployed, the system cells are then filled with Cellular Concrete to give the units a solid and resistant structure in a very quick manner.

  • The slope can be finished in a few hours, right after the panels are assembled, allowing a unit to be completed in a matter of days.

Cellular Concrete

  • The GMH Agrotunnels now use Cellular Concrete, the ideal lightweight, low-density material solution for the berm that offers high quality, a strong cost/value advantage, good thermal and acoustic insulation, and it is fireproof, insect-proof, and waterproof.

  • Cellular Concrete is produced with high tech equipment by adding externally generated foam to a concrete slurry to reduce density and deliver a mixture with consistent and precise viscosity while allowing the operator full control and the flexibility to tailor the foam to suit their exact needs. The mix is enhanced with acrylic fibers to increase resistance and very sophisticated waterproofing agents.

High-performance Closed-cell Foam Insulation

  • A blanket of eco-friendly soy and recycled plastics based polyurethane closed-cell spray foam insulation which has the highest R-value in the industry covers the entire unit.

  • This high-performing formula is used to create a specialized engineered watertight building envelope with high thermal resistance, which provides an excellent air barrier and a recognized vapor retarder.

  • A single spray foam application is enough to attain high-performance and energy efficiency while saving time and money in construction and maintenance costs.