• GMH - Car Shelter Caribe

    Area: 30.52 m² / 328.54 ft² - 2 Vehicles

    Our garages and car shelters are the perfect addition to your Green Magic Home. The Caribe Car Shelter can accommodate 2 full size cars or suv’s. Also garages can be put side by side to create larger structures. Once completed, the spaces can be covered with natural gardens that bring a lush cover of verdant greenery that no other technology can offer.


    • Eco-friendly manufacturing
    • Easy fast assembly
    • Our GMH structure is a perfect waterproof barrier
    • Modular construction system consisting of a lightweight strong shell
    • Aerospace materials, resistant to corrosion and damage from the weather
  • GMH - Car Shelter Sahara

    Area: 23.76 m² / 255.78 Sq Ft.

    This medium size Sahara Car Shelter can accommodate one large sedan and still have room for storage inside the unit. If you wish, we can customize your design according to your project and provide you with a tailor made solution that fits your individual taste and requirements.
  • California Gazebo


    California Gazebo

    This California Gazebo has a beautiful coverage area. Several gazebos can join together to form larger structures which can be used in pool areas, patios, hotels, beach, parks, camping areas, clubs, among many others. Our Gazebos are covered with soil, grass and natural gardens, its interior is very fresh and pleasant and invites you to stay indoors comfortably. INDEFINITE NUMBER OF UNITS CAN CONNECT.

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