We seek alliances with qualified builders


  • Applicant’s company must have provable building experience at least 5 years, a good market reputation, and solid financial standing.

  • The company must have the ability to get local building department approvals for the GMH construction system and to apply for permits on the client’s behalf.

  • The Certified Builder will need to set up a show home and have it completed within 6 months of signing the agreement. At the time of completion, the GMH technology must have full approval by the local municipality and the unit must have occupancy permits.

  • The applicant will attend a 3-day training course, the training costs $4,500 for up to 3 people to attend, you cover airfare and hotel.

  • We require a $10,000 deposit when you book your CB training which will be applied towards the 50% deposit when you place your order. The balance is paid, with shipping, when the order is ready to leave the factory.

  • You have to provide us with all the details about your first project requirements. Do you have land secured? Financing secured? Zoning in place?