Inspire yourself and build the house of your dreams with Green Magic Homes!

Green Magic Homes is a modular system construction technology, our system is totally customizable so we can design your project from cero if necessary.

The customization services allow you to make changes or additions just to mention a few: larger spaces, additional bathrooms, layouts changes, indoor pools, and anything that push your project to the next level.

Customization costs services are:

  • Small modifications to an existing model – $1000 USD
  • Extensive modifications to an existing model – $2000 USD
  • Total redesign of an existing model or custom model – $3000 USD
  • Custom designs larger than Murano or multi-unit projects will be priced on a case-by-case basis.
  • Engineering studies – $1000 USD each if required.


To start the custom design process you can hire any local builder and we’ll provide the proper training, here you can find details about the process of Becoming Certified for experienced builders.

After that we will arrange a meeting with our team of architects, engineers, and designers, they will ensure a feasible project overall and guide you on a professional view.


Clients present us with their projects, thoughts, ideas, sketches and photos together, we work with their vision and wish list to develop a “program” for their design. From this, we can develop an initial quote.


Client shall provide a completed GMH Design Project Form, together with the following information needed:

  1. Sketch of requested Prototype Floor Plan modifications or custom design.
  2. Local normative (Maximum measurements to build, Occupation index, Max. height, etc.)
  3. Photos of proposed building site.
  4. Topographic plan with north arrow and lot limits (Topography levels, Dimension distances design criteria, Location of wells/septic systems, Location of utilities (sanitary sewers, water, gas, electric, etc.)


After we provide you with an acceptable quote, a list of deliverables and a proposed schedule, we begin the design of your custom home. Deliverables in a custom design project include include, but may not be limited to the following:

A -1 Foundation Plan (includes in slab Plumbing rough-in dimensions)
A-2 Main Floor Plan (includes interior Floor Plan layout)
A-3 Exterior Elevations
A-4 Building Sections
A-5 Typical Wall Section and Details
E-1 MEP plans (if required for Permitting)


Client is responsible for any additional engineering or state stamped construction documents required by their local building department. The typical time required to produce the full Construction Documents is 4 to 6 weeks.

Drawings and Reports which are specifically excluded from this Agreement, which may be required for Building Permit approval or construction, include but
may not be limited to the following:

  • Site Plan
  • Soil and Erosion Sedimentary Control Plan
  • Health Department Reports (Water and Septic)
  • Land Disturbing Permit (Pond or constructed Wetlands)
  • Structural and / or Mechanical Engineering Plans or stamps
  • Planning and Resource Consent Applications
  • Written Specifications


Once your GMH home is complete, you’ll take pride in knowing that it’s a one-of-a-kind masterpiece crafted by a professional team of architects, designers and engineers.