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Here your will find answers to most of your questions. If you do not see the answer here contact us and we’ll be happy to respond.

Want to build a Green Magic Home yourself?


Our revolutionary construction system is fast, efficient and very durable; but requires a certain amount of professional skill and ability to obtain optimum results. If you are interested in having a home with our technology find look at the CERTIFIED BUILDER section to find one in your area.

  • The system integrates with nature to achieve a low visual impact on the surrounding ecosystem.
  • The modular system reduces construction time by 50%-60%.
  • They are categorized as temporary structures therefore they have extensive benefits in building permit matters.
  • The reduction of contact with the ground makes the product viable in a protected area.
  • Interiors with high ceilings and wide spaces.
  • Low utility costs: 70% lower heating and air conditioning costs.
  • Continuous ambient airflow inside the unit, with no stagnant corners, requiring less energy to circulate air and maintain uniform temperatures.

This product can be assembled reducing the contact with the ground making it viable for protected areas.

Our units must be painted on the internal side with a fire-retardant coating. We recommend either fire-free 8 or fireguard E-84.

Yes, the units are compatible with off the grid systems like solar power, wind power, above ground sewer systems among others. Built correctly will provide you 30% consumption savings.

Our material is similar as the one used in boats and marine structures, they have a long lifespan for more information consult our Warranty section.

The Warranty is for 5 years on the GMH components but each certified builder extends to clients their own warranty depending on the country they are building.

GMH components, bolts, steel beams, sealing elastomer, skylight mm
everything necessary to assemble the structure. Windows and doors are not included.

Approximately 3 to 5 days, more time is required in order to fully complete the structure.

There are several insulation options, Polyurethane foam can be applied in between the components and the cover, Insulation Foil or other elements found in a local hardware store can be applied the thickness is going to be determined by the the R-Value of thermal insulation needed.

Yes, your builder needs to be certified with GMH.

The Boho Essence Collection units are not intended to be covered in soil and grass, as they have an exterior cover with a variety of colors that offer designers extensive creative flexibility. For custom design options a minimum purchase of 5 units applies.

The interior is completely customizable, the exterior and length can be modifiable to some extent, being limited by the size and shapes of our components. Please check with our architects for custom designs.

The units withstand a standard of 90 psf, the Capsula model would need structural internal walls to be adapted for snowy areas.

Yes, they can be placed in temperatures below 0, the thermal insulation depends on the project’s location and the thickness of the polyurethane foam or other type of insulation used on the units.

Our constructions have been proven to withstand winds of 103.14 mph, which corresponds to a hurricane category 2 on the Saffir-Simpson Wind Scale. If more resistance is required, we can conduct another structural assessment at a greater wind velocity for an additional charge.

It is an adaptable product that can be used as a temporary or permanent structure depending on the customer’s needs.

We use standard polyurethene closed cell foam, poured as thick as needed to attain the desired R-Value. We recommend Demilek HeatLok but do not know the local costs of the foam. The foam is not included you can inquire directly with Demilec HERE

The type of vegetation used is always dependent on the climate conditions of the area where the structure is installed. As in any garden, if you use plants native to the region, in many cases you can have zero or very low maintenance. What must be taken into account is that when you build an earth-sheltered house, the surface of the earth tends to revert back to its natural state eventually. You can decide to modify or improve these conditions with, for example, with improved soils, watering systems, and ornamental plants, or anything else that is feasible in your area. Low maintenance ground covering plants are a good choice. We provide some very comprehensive information about what plants are compatible and easy to maintain in rooftop gardens according to your geographical area.

A complete unit will cost depending on the location of the build, cost of additional materials, cost of labor, and the builders costs and expertise. The foundation, electrical and plumbing, along with the interior finish and exterior sealing, berming and planting are standard. For prices on the technology, please fill out the contact form and we will respond with a catalog and prices. Green Magic Homes can provide estimation sheets that can be adjusted to your local needs.

Green Magic Homes provides the structural Fiber Reinforced Polymer construction ( shell ) system, and all the fastening systems that allow the structure to come together. We also provide a complete set of floor plans, with all the details of the technology and the structural calculation reports.

The system does not include interior construction, floors, walls, cabinets, fixtures or appliances, which the buyer or the certified builder can add based on the design requirements. The buyer is also responsible for local building permits, local architectural or engineering stamps (whenever required), along with any extra engineering costs if required by the local building department.

No. Windows can be ordered from any local supplier. We provide the sizes and plans for all the windows and doors needed to complete a unit.

Yes. Green Magic Homes delivers finished modules can be painted, some types of paint may require primer.

Yes, full size interior walls are the same as in any standard house. We do not provide the interior walls, this is something the certified builder will make.

Yes. The system supports the connection of additional modules, but future growth should be planned from the beginning so the appropriate parts can be left in place.

Our technology is an innovative construction system that meets most standards of earthquake resistance, wind loads and fire resistance, to be approved in any country in the world. Talk to your local building department for the requirements in your jurisdiction. In addition your construction will require standard construction permits.

No. We are the manufacturers of the technology. Certified Builders are qualified building professionals in your area who can help with the construction of Green Magic Homes structures.

The time depends on the size and complexity of the individual Green Magic Home. A one bedroom cabin can take 3 people 2 days to assemble and seal, while a 3 bedroom house may take 5 or 6 days. The structure can only be assembled on the slab so this must be completed before any construction can be started.

All technical pipeline connections are, as in any standard house, included within the slab foundation. All plumbing, sewage and gas facilities are directly connected through the foundation.

Yes, easily. in general terms, air conditioning and heating systems are supremely efficient in the Green Magic Home system, due to its thermal qualities. Ductless Hvac systems are suitable for these type of units.

No. To blend with your environment, you will want to use the soil and plants native to your area. We provide a construction manual which includes instructions on how to cover your Green Magic Home with soil, grass and beautiful natural gardens.

Yes, it is possible. The type of crops you can grow will always depend on the climate, conditions and this depends on the length of the roots and you willl requitre a root barrier.

The materials used in the modules are of the highest quality FRP, similar to the material used in marine structures and industrial storage tanks, as long as the instructions of the technical installation manual are strictly adhered to, and all additional materials (sealants, fasteners, waterproofing, geo-textiles) are used according to specifications, you can expect a lifetime of use with very little maintenance. With the passage of time, the necessary maintenance or repairs required are minimal and simple to address. The soil, grass, and plant covering protects the structure from UV rays from the sun and adverse weather conditions.

Absolutely. Green Magic Homes are perfectly suitable for year-round use as any standard home or hospitality destination.

To become a certified builder, you must be experienced in the building industry. To learn about the requirements view the Become a Certified Builder section of our site.

No. The Green Magic Homes only provides the construction systems along with the necessary architectural drawings. The foundation and the unit is constructed by a certified builder.

Yes, ventilation is specified with the units and will vary depending on the location of the construction. The design of the ventilation is key in optimizing energy efficiency. In most cases, the houses will use ERV (Energy Recovery Ventilation) or ERV (Heat Recovery Ventilation) systems.

Yes. For cold weather, our specifications include applying an extra thick layer of closed-cell insulating foam and then covered with a very wide layer of soil, grass, and plants. Snow loads must be reviewed by our engineering team.

The force required to crack a module of the GREEN MAGIC HOME system is very high and is not likely to happen accidentally since it would require a strong blow with a steel cutting element or something similar. However, if this were to happen the repair work is relatively simple with elements, which may be obtained in a hardware or construction materials outlet.

The R value of the Green Magic Home varies depending on the thermal material used on the structure.

No, gas emissions occur only during the manufacture of components in our plant, but once the FRP is cured, the panels become completely inert and are no longer producing emissions or outgassing, which makes them suitable for permanent housing.

Our materials are compliant with ATMS E-84 as requiered by international construction code, this compliance process includes the adittion of an intumescent coating to the panel as part of the construction process. Fire compliance documentation is available through our project managers and certified builders.

A 100 square meter (1,076 sq ft) house takes about 10 days to manufacture, but the exact delivery time will be determined at the time the contract is submitted since it will depend on various factors such as the production queue and the requirements of the customer with regard to optional items. Normally the process from payment of the retainer fee to delivery will take approximately 30 to 45 days.

Green Magic Homes sells its products EXW (Ex-Works). However, we will assist in arranging for transportation through established cargo agencies.

No, your engineer, contractor or architect will procure your local permits and Green Magic Homes will assist them during the process.

The panels are sealed to the foundation with polymers, GMH provides the steps that guarantees no water filtrations.

The Warranty is for 5 years on the GMH components but each certified builder extends to clients their own warranty depending on the country they are building.

To bury a structure under a hill, retaining walls need to be built to help to support the earth pressure that can be produced against the structure.

It is important to consult a geotechnical engineer who designs these retaining walls and specifies the soil conditions in order to continue the construction of the foundation of the GMH structure.

* These type of constructions must be reviewed by our architectural and engineering team.

Only the Arcus units are suitable to be placed in cold snowy weathers.

One week.

No, there is no minimum order applied.

Windows, door, Jacuzzi tub, metal structure, panels.

No, you would need to hire a contractor with experience to help you assemble the unit.

You would need a regular contractor to help you assemble the unit.

It’s adaptability to hard accessible terrains.

These structures are considered modular and can be placed on decks, which will require less permitting.

Between 4 to 6 inches is enough to have healthy vegetation growing.

Green magic homes has developed a special procedure for our specific technology:

“The roof covering procedure involves the waterproofing, thermal insulation and sealing of joints between the modules that compound all the structure of the home. The construction procedure will be detailed in our construction training.”


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