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Want to build a Green Magic Home yourself?

GMH IS NOT A DO-IT-YOURSELF PRODUCT. Our revolutionary construction system is fast, efficient and very durable; but requires a certain amount of professional skill and ability to obtain optimum results. If you are interested in having a home with our technology find look at the CERTIFIED BUILDER section to find one in your area.


The time depends on the size and complexity of the individual Green Magic Home. A one bedroom cabin can take 3 people 2 days to assemble and seal, while a 3 bedroom house may take 5 or 6 days. The structure can only be assembled on the slab so this must be completed before any construction can be started.

No. We are the manufacturers of the technology. Certified Builders are qualified building professionals in your area who can help with the construction of Green Magic Homes structures.

Not everywhere, but most of the times, yes, permits are needed. Our technology is an innovative construction system that meets all standards of earthquake resistance, wind loads and fire resistance, to be approved in any country in the world. Talk to your local building department for the requirements in your jurisdiction. In most places the permits required will include Structural, Mechanical, Plumbing, Electrical and Fire.

Yes. The system supports the connection of additional modules, but future growth should be planned from the beginning so the appropriate parts can be left in place.

Yes, full size interior walls are the same as in any standard house. We do not provide the interior walls, this is something the certified builder will construct.

Yes. Green Magic Homes delivers finished modules can be painted after a light coat of primer.

No. Windows can be ordered from any local supplier. Some types of exterior windows can also be purchased through us. We provide the sizes and plans for all the windows and doors needed to complete a unit.

The system does not include interior floors, walls, cabinets, fixtures or appliances, which the buyer or the certified builder can add based on the design requirements. The buyer is also responsible for local building permits, local architectural or engineering stamps (whenever required), along with any extra engineering costs if required by the local building department.

Green Magic Homes provides the structural Fiber Reinforced Polymer framing system, and all the fastening systems that allow the structure to come together. We also provide a complete set of floor plans, with all the details of the technology, structural calculation reports, foundation design, and technical installations (hydraulic, electrical and water sewing floor plans).

A complete unit will cost between .5x and 1.5x the cost of the components depending on the location of the build, cost of additional materials, cost of labor, and the builders costs and experience.  The foundation, electrical and plumbing, along with the interior finish and exterior sealing, berming and planting are standard. For prices on the technology, please fill out the contact form and we will respond with a catalog and prices.

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