Portable Geodesic Dome – Large

Area: 28.24 m² / 304.00 ft²

Green Magic Domes is a worldwide patented product based on the Geodesic Geometry. The key advantage is that unlike traditional domes, these units are self supporting and do not require additional structure. Its walls are made of thin, ultra-light weight and resistant aluminum with an inner core in polymers, which make it very safe, sturdy and waterproof. The exterior finish is chip, sun and extreme weather resistant – its designed to be exposed to the elements for several years. For transport it disassembles to a very small size that makes it easy to carry. The domes are ideal for temporary and emergency housing, military camps, warehouses, camping, workshops, hunting and fishing lodges, cabins, hotel rooms, offices and many other uses.


• Robotic manufactured components for absolute accuracy during assembly.
• Doors and windows manufactured with high quality aluminum and powder coated with high resistance paint.
• Assembly time is 6 hours with 4 people are needed.
• Requires very basic tools for assembly – 2 scissor ladders for the small one + 1 small scaffold for the big one and a 2 electric screwdrivers for fastening.
• Suitable for all climates and latitudes, including tropical zones, deserts and perpetual snow – with additional internal insulation.
• Resistant to hurricane winds.

Additional information

Available Sizes

Our available sizes are:
Diameter: 4.4 mt = 14.43 ft
Area: 15.20 m2 = 163.60 Sq Ft

Diameter: 6.0 mt = 19.68 ft
Area: 28.27 m2 = 304.30 SqFt