Ocean Car Shelter

Here we present different options of Car Shelters, in different sizes and measures, so that you choose the one that best suits your needs. If you wish, we can customize your design according to your project and provide you with a perfect solution, tailor made, because our technology is modular and allows to create a plethora of designs.

We can say without fear of being mistaken, that our Car Shelters are the most beautiful solution you can find in the Market, with spaces covered with natural gardens that bring a freshness that no other technology can offer. Green Magic Homes creates innovative and beautiful solutions for a better quality of life.

• High efficiency & energy saving construction
• Eco-friendly manufacturing
• Easy fast assembly
• Freshly airy and full of natural light inside
• Reduces heating and cooling bills and maintenance
• Our GMH structure is a perfect waterproof barrier
• Green roofs and walls, passive solar design
• Carbon footprint reduction
• Modular construction system consisting of a lightweight strong shell
• Aerospace materials, resistant to corrosion and damage from the weather
• Endless range of possible variations in design


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