Underground Shelters

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Our Underground Bomb Shelters provides protection from the elements and safety during fire, tornadoes, earthquakes, or contamination threats. To keep a more natural aesthetic, and to provide optimum levels of comfort, our underground shelters are dome-shaped, making them substantially stronger than traditional metal box shelters.

Because of their unique shape, they create a natural cool space, are easy to install, can fit in various depths, and provide security for years to come. There are two designs that have a fully functional space of 225 sq. ft. and 250 sq. ft.

With an eco-friendly underground shelter, you can create your own subterranean cave and safeguard your family against all of the elements.




  • Easy to install
  • Functional and versatile
  • Great longevity
  • Dome shaped shelter is several times stronger than any metal box shelter
  • Various depths available

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Protects against tornadoes, earthquakes, wild fires and bio-chemical contamination
Provides safety under any situation created by adverse elements
Creates a natural cool space
Allows for the highest level of comfort possible

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