An Ecological Oasis

Kuyabeh is a new ecological community concept where residents live committed to the preservation of our planet.

By building with minimal impact on the environment, we are creating a new model of harmonious living for future generations.

Kuyabeh was designed from a master plan perspective using a system of ramifications that branch out from the main access road forming the shape of a tree. This is the same way nature distributes water from the rivers to the deltas or the way the structure of plants is formed.

The biomimicry concept (imitation of the models, systems, and elements of nature to solve complex human problems) provides beautiful aesthetics while providing the highest efficiency in the required area to reach all individual lots.


Model Unit

Two Bedroom Units

The amenities communal areas follow the same principle and architectonic language of the master plan to propose an example of living in conjunction and intertwined with nature.

Health and Meditation Area to relax, feel and find peace help by the amazing magical surroundings. Alternative medicine will be given at this spot.

Wildlife watching tower to spot wildlife on top of the canopy of the jungle. Birdwatchers and enthusiasts of nature will find this spot a luxury.

Natural terraces to enjoy the jungle fully whatever activity you may be willing to do.

Eco-chic Hotel and natural pool for external visitors and for Kuyabeh`s owners to enjoy with generous discounts.

Spa to clear your mind.

Restaurant for your delight. Organic food with a sophisticated touch.

Agricultural land for all the Kuyabeh`s owners. Every lot will have a piece of land to grow desirable crops. This work can be done as a team or individually.

A market for food exchange. The idea is to share the crops that people would like to grow in the Agricultural land, as well as other communities around.

Amphitheater where all the events for the community will be held.

The sustainability school will be used for workshops and courses for our community and local people interested in learning about eco-living and the jungle.

A deep, water-filled sinkhole in limestone that creates a natural pool which is then filled by water flowing from underground rivers.

Model Panorama

Location Images

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