Eco-Hotel nestled in the Mayan jungle

A boutique hotel inspired by the Kukulcan snake nestled in the Mayan jungle of the Sian Ka’an Reserve. Its concept is reflected on a pool that goes from the Caribbean Sea to the Campechen lagoon, floating over the jungle and surrounded by 21 nests that host exclusive and unique one-of-a-kind suites that emulate the shape of a Mayan tree.

A Unique Concept

GMH Pods

GMH Pods are designed exclusively for GMH HOTELS & RESORTS and its line of eco-hotels. The units integrate a living space, luxury bathroom, balcony and HVAC system suspended on a single beam with all the mechanicals accessing the unit through a central axle. This unique system lies at the core of a new level of eco-hospitality experience with the reliability, durability and low-maintenance of conventional systems.

A Stunning Location

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