The team at Merlin Green Magic Homes in Dubai has acquired a plot of land in the stunning Palm Jumeirah to build the first model of the new Green Magic Homes Sapphire home line. This is the first generation of luxury homes using GMH technology. Offering stunning views of the Dubai Shoreline, this contemporary family home is surrounded by beauty. Endless amenities, including an oceanside swimming pool, a mini-golf course, and an outdoor social area covered by lush vegetation can be found at this stunning space located in the world’s largest man-made island. Incredible craftsmanship and stunning features can be found in every area within this three-level masterpiece. Floor to ceiling windows accent the open floor plan and welcome in natural light making the seamless flow throughout the space reminiscent of the layout of a luxury resort.

Construction of this idyllic estate using the new Luxury Green Magic Homes line will begin soon.

Palm Jumeirah is an artificial offshore archipielago in Dubai, United Arab Emirates that houses private residences and hotels. The islands resemble a stylized palm tree within a circle. The island has luxury villas, leisure and retail units that have created a spectacular, world-renowned residential and tourism destination.